Halloween 2007

Miranda Holding a Pumpkin

Miranda as Cat Woman!! Meow!!

This was the first and only person I saw in a costume today. (Vinson)

I am in Conneticut on business and apparently they don’t celebrate Halloween they way we do in Kansas City. The K.C. nuts were in costume most of all last week. On the way in to the customer site I didn’t see anyone in masks, or pass a single person in costume on the way in the building.

Nobody at the hotel was in costume either. This is so different then what I am used to. Hopefully I will see more costumes later on today. I will post a few if I get some pics. (There wasn’t anymore. Boo that!!)

Happy Halloween All!!!


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  1. C-L-80 says:

    this is just how the east coast is buddy.


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