Photo-Show Installation


Should have taken notes. Installed most everything per the guide. Only problem was with the FTP and permissions. Had to set some permissions afterwards because the FTP server could not write in the www directory.

PhotoShow, responsive and powerful web gallery

Installed the Apache server using the Raspberry PI Zero Apache install guide. Base image was the Jessie Lite version. Didn’t need desktop at all. May even migrate the image to the RaspberryPi Zero someday. Just put Apache and ProFTPD.

Had to install Git to use the pulldown method of the installation.
sudo apt-get install git

Once installed it is easiest to just start the webserver and try the URL. It will show you what paths it is missing so you can edit the file with the newly created directories.

Login field for creating user names can not have a “-” in the name. Had to remove the dash or I kept getting Internal Server error 500.

Next time I will create a step by step.



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