Had to run errands today. I have been putting it off for a while. Lazy I guess. Was needing a haircut real badly. Of course to get a haircut you have to shave as well. Oh, forgot to mentioned that I haven’t shaved or had a haircut since before Miranda was born. You can’t just get your haircut with a full beard, they look at you weird and then insist on trying to make the 2 blend. Not possible and all that ends up happening is you end up looking stupid. So shave and haircut done.

Noticed on Geocaching.com that someone had placed the AJAYHAWKFAN geocoin in one of my favorite caches. Not really a favorite cache but I know where it is as I have been there before. I thought I had found this coin once before, but when I got home realized that someone had duped me the Silver trackable coin, with this second hand wooden coin.(Non-trackable). Contacted the owner of the coins and he told me to contact the previous depositor of said coin. When I did he informed me he was keeping the coin and sorry for the mixup. All I heard was Blah, Blah, Blah, I am a thieving bastard. Whatever.

So today I jumped at the chance to grab the coin. It is an excellently done coin and very well done overall. You can visit off the main page by clicking the treasure chest at the bottom. So far it is one of my favorite coins. I can’t wait to set up my own cache. I found the special Lock&Lock container at Walmart today. They were expensive online. $2.97 at Walmart. Walmart will run the government out of business some day. Too cheap to compete with. Still need a miniature notebook for my cache. I also need to contact my friend Keith as he knows how to make stickers. You have to label the cache so a deadbeat doesn’t find it and take it all home. Then again, if he can read.

View Coin


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